Our Review of the Best Night Vision Scopes in 2021's Market
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We tested 24 of the most popular night vision scopes in the market, including models from ATN, Leupold, Eagle, and Predator. We found the best five options based on the following criteria:  


Most night vision scopes below $3500 don’t have the higher magnification settings seen with regular optical scopes, but we did find exceptions in the market. Typical scope magnification settings are between 3x-5x, although you can often find scopes that can 6x magnification as well.  We looked for an option that would give you 20x or so for even greater accuracy at range.


Night vision scopes don’t work the same way that regular optical scopes do. Some of the best scopes will go into true 4K resolution and offer you some of the crispest video footage possible. The better the resolution, the better your accuracy and ability to identify your target. 

Daytime Use

The best night vision scopes will also allow you to use them during the day. This is great value for money, since a scope that can function both during daytime or nighttime shooting is essentially two scopes in one. Sometimes manufacturers claim that their night vision scope can work during daytime hours as a gimmick rather than a workable feature.


Scopes that are weatherproof are usually great choices in terms of value for money. They can be depended on even if you take them into the wilderness during inclement weather. For certain types of hunts, this is almost a necessity given animal migration patterns or seasonal weather.

Why We Chose Predator As Our #1 Favorite


The only other scopes we found with similar results were over two thousand dollars, with the Predator set-up, you can add night vision to your regular optical scope for a hundred dollars - it shows your scope's sight on screen, giving you many hundreds of yard in night vision range.

What ultimately brought this to our top choice was the incredulous zoom of the powerful camera placed behind your scope's lens - with a turn of a dial, you can spot a darting mouse hundreds of yards out in pitch darkness.  

  • The combination of its wide screen and its zoom let us notice and shoot game in a way you just can't with a typical eyepiece scope.
  • ​The on-screen cross hairs were very helpful.
  • ​At the level of magnification, resolution, and overall night vision hunting experience it gives you for a hundred dollars, this is the best scope we've ever come across; the only night vision scopes we had similar results with were $2300+
  • ​From an American company



A classic night vision scope - if you have a higher budget, it's as good of an option as Predator.  The scope is built out of Hardened Aluminium Alloy with Impact Resistant Electronics, and features bluetooth video streaming - it's an excellent night vision choice.

  • It had a crystal clear resolution, which helped us get extremely accurate shots.
  • ​Features video streaming of your scope's sight via bluetooth.
  • ​We preferred having everything on screen as we hunt so we didn't have to lean into the eyepiece, but if you have a higher budget and want the usual night vision scope set-up, this is the perfect option.  

Pulsar Trail XQ Thermal Riflescope


Pulsar's scope is a little better than ATN in every feature that matters, but we only recommend this if cost isn't a consideration for you.  ATN Thor and Predator are perfectly good options that aren't as expensive, and will give essentially the same experience.  

  • It's use of a Picatinny mount makes it extremely stable against recoil.
  • The resolution of the sight from it was unbelievable.
  • The scope can also dual-stream record video in 4K resolution and buttery-smooth 120 fps.

Armasight Nemesis6x-SD Gen 2+ Night Vision Scope


It utilizes ultra HD sensors and an Obsidian 4 Dual Core processor to bring you the best sight picture and imagery possible during low light conditions. The colors depicted in your eye box will be truly fantastic and the outlines of your targets in scenery will be crisper than you can believe.

  • Powerful 6x magnification with 6.5 degree FOV and shock protected optics
  • ​Features bright source protection and auto brightness control and illuminated center red cross reticle for optimal contrast with variable reticle brightness
  • ​Waterproof body with simple and easy to operate controls and adjustments
best night vision scope

ATN OTS-HD 640 Thermal Smart HD Scope


This versatile night vision scope provides great vision at 4.6x magnification.  All the reticle options will be complemented by 640×480 resolution. This allows you to see targets clearly up to 120 yards away. It’s not quite as crisp or clear as scopes with 4k resolution, but this is still more than serviceable. 

  • ​3D Gyroscope and E-compass - gyroscopic image stabilization reduces natural hand shake and provides clear, sharp images. E-compass helps to navigate your way
  • ​Thermal Sensor with 640*480 pixel HD resolution - the powerful thermal sensor gives the ability to catch heat signatures and let you see clearly in total darkness
  • ​Smart Rangefinder - thermal monocular accurately measures precise distances to a subject using built-in rangefinder
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