Our Review of the Best Night Vision Cameras/Attachments
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We tested 24 of the most popular night vision cameras in the market, including models from Verkada, Sionyx Aurora, & Stanley.  We found the best options based on the following criteria:  


Most night vision cameras below $500 don’t have the higher magnification settings seen with regular ones, but we did find exceptions in the market. Typical magnification settings are between 3x-5x, although you can often find cameras with 6x magnification as well.  


Night vision cameras operate differently compared to regular optical ones.  Some of the best cameras will go into true 4K resolution and offer you some of the crispest video footage possible; the better the resolution, the better your accuracy and ability to identify your target. 

Daytime Use

The best night vision cameras & attachments for your scope will also allow you to use them perfectly during the day.  Sometimes manufacturers claim that their product can work during daytime hours as a gimmick rather than a workable feature.


Cameras & attachments that are weatherproof are usually great choices in terms of value for money. They can be depended on even if you take them into the wilderness during inclement weather. For certain types of hunts, this is almost a necessity given animal migration patterns or seasonal weather.

Secure Lyfe
Clear Vision™ Cam - Wildlife Trail Camera

The hunting cam is easy to operate and mount.  You can apply the user-friendly device to outdoor activities, not only hunting but also home security, property, surveillance, scouting, wildlife monitoring, Farm Security.  With the infrared sensor the Clear Vision Cam will be triggered by any movement that it catches, day or night.  Once the camera is triggered it will capture a photo of the suspect.

BESTSUN Scope Attachment

This night vision flashlight attachment for your scope allows you to hunt day & night by shining light easily detectable by your optical scope - simply attach it on top using the provided mounts.  

It is a lot cheaper to purchase this type of attachment for your regular scope than to buy an entirely new night vision scope.  

It includes: Green Flashlight kit, 2 mounts (Aluminum Rail Mount & Plastic scope mount), batteries & charger, and a Carrying Case Box


IR Digital Night Vision Camera Monocular -Attachment System

This ingenious Infrared Flashlight + Night Vision Camera + Attached Screen works like this:

You attach the IR flashlight on top of your optical scope, then attach its camera to the back of your lens - the camera will capture the images illuminated by the infrared camera and send them to the connected camera, which will allow you to see at night.

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